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Grounded. What is it? Why Grounded?


Grounded not only represents the scene that we are in, with crazy low cars, spectacular stance setups and all round bad assery, Grounded also represents the community we have built together. Likeminded. Humble. Down to earth. Genuine enthusiasts, skaters, bmx'ers, artists up and down the country and around the world. We all stay grounded.


So what is grounded. For us at TSK, its what we bring you displaying the finest in automotive art, exceptional attention to detail and a build thread longer than the equater. Grounded has been divided into meets and shows. The meets can be anywhere, anytime. London one meet, birmingham the next, who knows! Keep your car ready this summer as we could be coming to you!


The Shows are paid entry dedicated events. An extravaganza of the tastiest vehicles on the scene. Cars on show are via application only. Music, cars, food, fun. Everything. We aim to take these shows global so if you cant come to one dont worry, we could be near you next.

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