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Midweek Icon : Sierra Cosworth.

So, last week was a bit of desirable german machine. This week, I thought I'd bring back the 90's with a Ford. A Fast Ford.

The 90's in the UK was a time for banging basslines, endless parties and of course, fast cars. So if you were around in the 90's you would know that when one of these bad boys turns up, shit gets real.

Yep, there's nothing like a fast Ford and this is one of the most popular. The Sierra Cosworth. Available in the 4 door sapphire version or the more desirable 3 door "whaletail". The sierra was developed for one thing and mainly one thing only, racing. With Ford falling behind in the european motor racing industry they needed a way to pick themselves back up, and by teaming up with long time partner Cosworth, they developed a 2.0 litre twincam turbo engine producing a neat 204 bhp. However, to get the newly built Cossie into the Group A Races, requirements stated that 5000 vehicles need to be produced and released to the public. Ford complied (just). Out of those 5000, 500 were created into RS500's featuring a lower rear spoiler and a competition spec engine.

All of this proved to be a good call as throughout the 80's, Ford were making a comeback on the Touring Car championships, with drivers clinching the Aussie Touring Car championships during 1988-89.

During the late 80's 4 door Sierra Cossies were built, also known as the Sapphire, with 2wd versions in the late 80's and 4wd versions finishing it off in thr early 90's. Both cars were stupidly boy racer quick and put most performance cars to shame.

Only 1500-1700 Cossies were sold in the UK, and with todays pricing, you'll be looking at 20 Grand plus if you even want to get your hands on one of the whaletails. As for the sapphires, you're still looking above £8,000 for a decent one. If you're looking for an RS500 however, expect to cough up over FORTY thousand pounds.

All in all this fast Ford was a true legend in many ways, and the way things are going, they are becoming a real collectors item too.

A 4 door Sapphire.

Quite a Ford like interior, too.

and a pic from us! RS500 at players last year!


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