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Welcome to The Street Kids members community. A vast array of legendary builders from across the globe. All with the same passion, and the same desire to create what the heart dreams of. At The Street Kids, anything goes, lowriders, race cars, lifted trucks, bikes. Anything and everything. As long as it's built with passion, and looks bad ass, we're all for it.


Members get exclusive apparel, stickers, accessories and other items which change every month. However members be aware, they are limited quantity, once they're gone, they really are! Members also get exclusive discount from our aftermarket parts store. Also we should mention members get early application access to The Street Kids shows.


Think you have a ride that'll take our fancy? Join a worldwide entourage of elite builders with the shared passion to build what they want, how they want. They build for no one but themselves. They need no acceptance from nobody but themselves. We just thought their cars were bad ass and they should be recognised for it.


Apply down below. Give us your name,  and the email you wish to use should you be accepted. Let us know what vehicle and tell us about your build, and yourself.. we like to make new like minded friends all the time, even if you may be from a different part of the world. We love cool people!

Lastly, give us your Instagram tag so we can see some pictures of your ride! You will recieve email confirmation should you be accepted.

Your details were sent successfully!

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