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Volvos. Not exactly the most exciting of vehicles to ever hit the streets, really. However with decent practicality and rather reliable mechanicals it has developed its own small fan club. In the recent years Volvos have been making an appearance on the stance scene, with some incredible machines coming out to play.

One person hoping to take the scene by storm in a volvo, or just hoping to drift the shit out of it, is Jack. The 21 year old Nottingham lad has developed a plan to help him achieve his goals, but not in the way most would think. You see, normal, just isn't good enough.

'I want something funny to look at' He said. I don't know what that means either.

'It's being built just to go sideways' ..That's more like it.

So, how is this drift machine going to come about then? An old 240? Why not. There's nothing funnier than watching an old R.E teachers volvo sliding its way around town, but for Jack, just building a 240 isn't good enough.

'I'm building a T5 engine for it' He smirked. not only is the T5 Volvos powerplant for most of thier top of the range vehicles, it's one of the most tunable of the volvo range. This is proven as it is used in one of the streets most well known monsters, the Ford Focus ST.

So, old 240, newer engine, how is this all going to come together? Welcome everyone, to what I call (this is genius, this), Volvostein. I know, it's incredible.

It starts here with this. Standard more than normal green (or grey..) estate family wagon of justice. Nice! Until it got ripped apart for its engine, that is. But how is an engine going to run without a gearbox... Time for car number two!

Jack plans to use ANOTHER volvo for just the gearbox.. just.. the.. gearbox. Where it went after I don't know, I won't ask either. It doesn't end here though, obviously. Jack the lad needs something to put it in.

And here it is! The grandad wagon (not sure if he likes it being called that) and, is that a ferrari badge? This Volvo is the base in which the T5 and gearbox will be dumped into. 2 cars have been stripped, sold, and the goodies rebuilt for this daddy to roar the streets with. But for Jack, the works just begun.

'It's getting a turbo in it, then slammed to the ground' He said. Sounds saucy. But with some more engine work, lots of cutting and custom building AND the turbo build still going on, it's going to be a while before we see this badboy on the road, but when it will be, it's going to be cool, and very, VERY quick.

Oh by the way, here's the turbo.

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