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Underground 2 the world - James Hibberts R34 GTT

Nissan Skylines. The legend from Japan, amongst other 90's JDM heroes that have sprung many young car brains into action, the Skyline was an incredible hit when it sprung to glory during JDM's golden era. Made even more famous by the Gran Turismo racing game, and then sent into a heartbreaking, price soaring, holy spirit level with the help of Need For Speed and The Fast and The Furious.

I have a little secret. Well it isn't a secret everyone knows it. The Nissan Skyline is my absolute favourite car of favourite cars. I mean I have my others (Dc2 Integra, E36 Bmws, Old fords/Mercs) But one above all is the Nissan Skyline. I remember going to my uncles house when I was at that 'Annoying 5-7 year old' stage. To shut me up he stuck on Gran Turismo, gave me the controller and let me loose. After flicking through the cars (This was like 2000/2001) I laid my eyes on, for the first time ever, an R34 Skyline. I didn't know what it was, though. I was good with car names at that age but as far as I knew, Nissan only did the Micra. So to see a sports car from Nissan made me genuinely think it was a fake, just something made up for the game, not an actual car.. right?

Well I used the car, it was fast, I loved this made up Nissan for the racing game it was epic! Fast forward maybe 6 months and im walking down the road with my sister and surprise surprise, A bayside Blue R34 GTR drives straight past me and stops at the light. My face literally looked like the pickachu 'surprised' meme. I was like 'HOW??' Did someone do that to their own car to make it look like the Gran Turismo car? How did they get it so real? I fell in LOVE with it and I had no idea what the hell it was!, it was a car that was constantly on my mind until 2003.

Because in 2003, 2 fast 2 furious came out, and we all know what the hero car was there. Finally, Little me in year 3 finally knew what his dream car was called. Also realised it was real too! Ever since then. I've wanted one.

Now that I am older, I have realised things cost money, I don't have a lot of that, and unfortunately R34's tend to cost a hell of a lot for the GTR's. As I also got older, I did gain more knowledge. I learnt about R30, R31, R32, R33 skylines, the KPGC10 skylines, to the infiniti models, I researched about RB engines and different trim levels of skylines. After seeing the rise of GTR's and how collectable and rare they are becoming, I settled my heart on a GTT, for 2 main reasons.

1. If I hit a GTR, Id cry for a year, GTT? Probably at least a month. Not a year though.

2. I am going to modify the living shit out of what I get. Will feel wrong doing it to a GTR now they're so collectable.

But anyway. That's my Skyline story. Now onto why you're here. When it comes to Jap cars, James Hibbert has got a track record worth getting jiggy over. RX7's Supra's and Skylines (Including an R34 GTR), he's had them all. But these cars always seem to slip out of James' hands though, he gets bored maybe? or just likes swapping. Either way one car has managed to stay in his possession for longer than expected. Its really not hard to see why.


Welcome, to James 'Jib' Hibberts Nissan Skyline R34 GTT. An absolute weapon and it literally stole my heart as soon as I saw it. Jib is definitely not a newbie in the game, and this Nissan certainly shows it.

Starting out as a near standard GTT example, it took a hell of a lot of work to get to this stage. Currently the 34 is sporting a full Sunline Bodykit with a JUN front bumper, bringing the rear and front wings out and over the 18” works kiwamis, with a 9.5 front and a fat 10.5 at the back! Although it may also look like a famous purple colour draping over the body lines (not Cadburys.. ) It is actually a custom mix of purple, which pops incredibly in the light. There are many colours that suit the R34, but purple is right up there with the best.

Now I know what you're thinking. The man used to own a GTR R34.. so why switch? The GTR is considered the holy grail R34 with its twin turbo 2.6 Rb26 power, so you would be crazy to swap it out for a Single turbo Rb25 RWD Variant instead.. right? Well, according to Jib, the GTT feels more fun.

"I thought the GTR would be a fun car. Turns out it's not unless you run big power. You just can't beat RWD and they just feel far more agile, however as a cruiser, GTR all the way, comfortable, gearbox is amazing and 4WD is cool"

So why has this GTT stayed with Jib for so long? there is your answer, and to ensure that the car is 100% smiles per miles, there has been a fair share of work and mods under the purple skin. With a host of goodies from Japanese tuning gods HKS, Blitz and GReddy, including GReddy Front mount intercooler, HKS GT RS turbo kit, mapped by Fensport, and a Blitz SUS Air intake, all powered by an Apexi ECU, this GTT pushes around 450bhp, which for a RWD R34, is pretty damn savage.

To keep this amount of power stable, and even to the wheels, an ORC Twin plate clutch has been fitted along with BC Suspension with stance parts air cups, to help raise the car over bumps. A Kaaz 2 way diff allows for stable and smooth power delivery as well as easy sideways action.

Inside consists of a stripped interior, which has been painted silver, a full BDC spec cage by HDF motorsport, corbeau bucket seats, and a host of gauges and a double din screen, so you can watch Tokyo drift whilst you Tokyo drift (Right?).

As far as R34's go, this GTT even puts some GTR's to shame, and that is saying something, the noise and power delivery in this thing is insane! (Yes he took me for a spin, and it was MENTAL). My love for R34's have definitely grown! Jib has created a monster, with all the need for speed noises and underglow and full 2003 vibes, with epic power and gorgeous purple paint, with that epic wide bodykit bring the rear lines right out, the nostalgia when you see this R34 in person just throws you back to a golden era of modifying, with a sensational modern touch, just no spinning wheels unfortunately (Good or bad, take that as you wish) An epic creation worthy of being shown to the world and captured by our epic photographer Simon.


Epic Work Kiwamis from the land of the rising sun


Rear end to die for


Little details on the Roll Cage from HDF


Awesome little interior details really make this stand out.






And some epic neons to top it all off, what a beauty!

Thats it from us for now, stay tuned for more articles, grab some stuff from the store and be sure to follow Simon the Pic Pro and Jib!.

@Jib.OldBoyGarage | @S.Sgoodier | @TheStreetKidsGarage

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