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RollHard 2023

Now, I remember going to my first RollHard event, many a year ago. I had a MK5 Zetec S Fiesta, Imperial Blue, obviously. Me and my other half took a lovely hour long drive all the way up to a small place in essex called Cressing, where we entered a little place, called Cressing Temple Barns.

Inside this venue were the most immaculate vibes I have encountered at a car show. The vehicles on display were amazing, the music was sensational, the actual venue was beautiful. Open areas, both grass and tarmac filled with exceptionally built cars and barns, well-lit with even more sensational builds inside them.

RollHard quickly became one of my favourite shows and I attended as much as I could. Then they disappeared, for a couple of years I heard nothing about a UK show, maybe one in Belgium, but for a couple of years they went missing (to me anyway they might have been around and I didn't know, apologies)

However, a few years ago RollHard seem to have made a come back and have been doing UK shows again, although it's not at the amazing venue they had previously, they still haven't lost the recipe for throwing a great event, and after attending a couple since finding out, it definitely showed.

2023 has been a busy year for myself particularly, and unfortunately I wasn't able to attend RollHard, much to my disappointment, but luckily for myself and for you wonderful people on the interwebs, photographer Jay (Lush.Media) has been kind enough to cover the event for us here at The Street Kids Garage, so we can all get a taste of the shows that RollHard put on. Enjoy!

All photo credits go to Jay @Lush.Media covering for The Street Kids Garage. If you see your vehicle please don't hesitate to contact for images.


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