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A Rare Breed - Daniel P's R32 Skyline (ToughZilla)

Like most people, the Skyline is up there in terms of JDM all stars. Regardless of which generation the talk is about, the Skyline was made to decimate. It did of course, and still does. Japanese culture and modifications have shaped the Skyline for many across the world. Parts are available left right and centre so you can really build yours exactly how you'd want it. However, over the years great JDM tuning companies either evolve or disappear, so finding some of these parts have become a new game in itself.

So imagine building a skyline with all the parts the 90's threw at us, the rare and sought after bits and bobs from the giants of the 90's? This is where our friend Daniel comes in, with his epic R32 Skyline.



Firstly, if you look closely, the steering wheel is on the correct side (fight me), secondly, looking at the number plate (or licence plate, we cater for all people) you will notice 'RB26' so although it may not look like it, this is a fully built GTR, and the parts list is crazy.

Daniel got into cars by constantly fixing a broken Honda CRX with his uncle. So as far as repairing things go, he's got a good background! Daniel also owns a really awesome Subaru, and when this R32 came up for sale, he was contemplating on selling it for the GTR, However things took a turn when his wife gave him the happy news that there was a little one on the way! Daniel couldn't justify the purchase with a baby on the way and the dream was put to the side. That was until his wife went through his emails and completed the purchase and surprised him! (everybody say it with me : GOALS!), not only has he kept his Subaru, he now has another JDM giant to join the clan!

From stock Daniel started loading rare JDM goodness into this machine, with his brothers in arms, the guys from his car group ToughClub, they helped Daniel with advice, knowledge, and all the pushes needed to finish this build. With the cars that ToughClub possess, the end product was always set to be a master piece, as the guys in ToughClub know how to build a car or two. When the baby was born Daniel enlisted the help of Pro-E-shift Performance to help finish the beast whilst daddy duty became a priority. Its safe to say, they did an amazing job.



This R32 (Likes to be known as ToughZilla, so please, don't upset it) Boasts a load of parts that really bring the RB26 into a league of its own. The engine bay is a host to a GTX3528R Turbo, mated to a custom manifold setup, Bosch 1000cc injectors, Brian Cower 264 Camshaft, rare N1 oil and water pump, HKS Timing belt setup, all controlled by a Link G4+ management system, the engine has been built to withstand supreme power, and it does just that, as it has to handle 560whp, yes, Five Sixty. Savage!

Power is transferred though an Exedy twin disc clutch and a carbon fibre driveshaft. The body is held to the floor via Fortune Auto 500 Coilovers, strut braces from Auto Select and Kansi, twinned with sway bars from Whiteline keep body roll to a minimum. Shifting is made easy via a Cube Racing short shifter kit. Going forward is good and fun, but stopping is probably quite essential, and Daniel has that covered with a StopTech 4 pot big brake kit at the front with 2 pot rears, clamping onto 355mm discs and 328mm rears. Of course the wheels have to be big enough to fit over such wild brakes, but it wouldn't be ToughZilla if they weren't rare. So LMGT2 Rays were sourced, split and made to 18x10j barrels of awesomeness, wrapped in Michelin's finest rubber.

The shell that houses such an incredibly built engine needs to also look just as bad ass, and Daniel hasn't stopped at just the engine. The body contains Rare bits from Nismo, such as the intercooler surround (pretty rare!), N1 Lights and Bumper Ducts (rare too!) Ganador mirrors with blue lenses (With the aero wolf visors, epic!), DMax Roof Spoiler with a Crazy hornet Boot (Trunk) Lip, Finished in a lovely grey with the red Tough Club Banner and gold accents, Daniels knocked this R32 way out of the park with the help of Pro-E-shift Performance and Tough Club.


Gold bits? Always!


The sweet spoiler combo, love this look on R32s


The LMGT2's matching up well with the classic body lines.


The full look blends in so well with each other, a class build.


Even the turbo housing got the gold rush!


However, there is no place like home, and there is no place like feeling you're behind the wheel of a JDM legend racing through the Wangan, at midnight (See what I did there?). The interior of this GTR was made to feel like a true JDM racer. As if the JDM parts list doesn't get any better, Nismo 320km/h Clocks, AEM gauges, Recaro Wild Cat Seats, Okuyama Kick plates, Tommy Kaira shift knob, the list goes on. It makes the R32 feel like it has jumped straight out of the 90's, when all of these companies were booming and the scene was well and truly alive.


Those epic Recaros bringing the JDM cool into the interior.


AEM gauges making sure Daniel knows the health of the beast under the hood.


Little cool details, like this Nismo horn button. Note the little 'tough' on the wheel, awesome!


Rare 320km/h Nismo cluster, I can smell the rareness from here.


'The goal was to keep the car looking as stock as possible until I parked next to another 32' We are sure people will notice, Daniel. Saying that however, this R32 an incredible blend of wild and humble at the same time, kind of like a librarian.. that used to be a boxer. You can tell this R32 has had some work done, but you will never know how much until you get deep and down with the integrals and you really see the work that has gone into it.

A host of rare parts from Japans golden era of motoring, all bolted to a car that was, and still is, hailed as an all star from Japans golden era of motoring. Daniel has gone to many extended lengths, juggling fatherhood, work, and a Subaru (which is a work of art too) to create one of the cleanest R32 Skylines around. A car born to stand out in the 80's and 90's by its manufacturer, standing out in todays world thanks to its owner. It's no slouch, either, with a power figure over 500whp, it will still put majority of todays cars to shame, and it'll cool as hell doing so.

'The goal for the GTR is to have something timeless, where my son can look at this a few years from now and be just as proud as me'

'I made sure that none of the parts on my R32 didn't have any replicas made, or you couldn't find them on eBay'

A truly one of a kind build, with a one of a kind parts list, and for a car that has recently been allowed into the states, the modifications coming from there are definitely not ones to be overlooked. Daniels R32 is a true homage to the style and power of a 90's JDM superhero, and it is something that his son (And all of us at TSK, too) will be really proud of.

All the pictures you see here today have been captured by our own JDM legend, Hiro Hayashi, although we've never seen each other we're practically best buds, he just doesn't know it yet.


Daniel - (@Corgi_Low16) - Check his Subaru too!

Hiro - (@Orihonphoto)

TheStreetKids - (@TheStreetKidsGarage)

Tough Club - (@Tough.Club)

ProEShift - (@Proeshiftracing)

Here are the rest of the killer shots from this shoot, just check out this detail!


Now you know why his username has Corgi in it!


This man has a picture of his SON, in the engine bay, if we had the coolest dad award, Daniel takes it! AWESOME X9000


Dashes of gold and JDM performance logos, this R32 gets nothing less.


It is a tough world out there, stay strong!


Even the sticker detail stands out.


Now there is a rear end most IG models can't even compete with.


The stepped lips look impeccable.


The side profile looks mean. Timeless body lines.


The sticker theme even goes to the wheels. Little details.


Probably one of the greatest badges?


Like the bunny, but dances?


Uber cool Nismo oil cap


The little visor addition really does add to the style.


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