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Tazz's Toyota Chaser JZX100

Growing up around cars, it is always inevitable that as the time goes by, the passion gets stronger, and as the driving licence and job money starts coming through, so does the knowledge. 

The same way of life can be used to describe our man Tazz, growing up with his car loving brothers, handing them tools watching them work their magic. It was only a matter of time before he got to the age where a little pink card came through the letter box, and he ended up in the drivers seat. The years of watching his elders play with cars flourished into skill set which helped him transform his first car, a 6n2 Polo, into something a little more.. "Tazz".

Since then Tazz has evolved, using his years of experience and know how to merge with his brothers and venture into 'Style Dynamics'. A shop specialising in custom exhaust work, as well as engineering classic VW work such as engine swaps. Tazz has built a name in the scene and doing so has allowed him to also set his vision on a vehicle upgrade far from the origin of his first ride.

Tazz's Chaser JZX100

This is Tazz's awesome Toyota Chaser JZX100. Probably one of the biggest guns when it comes to the drift scene not in its Japanese homeland, but across the world. Considered by many as a Supra with more doors. Not only can it be used to take your kids to school, do the shopping, or just take up more space when you park, it can be tuned perfectly to do all of those things pretty damn sideways.

Tazz's particular monster packs a 2.5 1JZ-GTE Powerplant releasing a mean 340bhp. Pushing all of its glorious boost through a Greddy front mount intercooler and piping. The brutal power is planted to the ground via the R154 5 speed box, through a TRD 2 way diff straight to two 10.5j XXR wheels in each rear corner. Safe to say, sideways is easily accessible, and the NOISE. GOD. THE NOIIISSEEE. The uprated induction and 3 inch exhaust setup boasts the epic JZ roar, spitting flames as it bounces off the limiter. Great stuff.

Being a Chaser, it has the plus of having a more spacious interior than a Supra. Tazz has kitted out his with a Kode Steering wheel, which he grips as he sits in a lovely Evo 4 Recaro (Yes, out of an Evo 4, Mad!), mated with Bride Lowmax seats. The rest of the interior is as it left the factory in Japan, keeping the JDM character alive as well as the original feel of the car.

It sits so right.

This was taken in mexico

On the exterior the Chaser is sporting a drift inspired Traum front and rear splitter kit, with the side skirts to finish it off. The arches are only millimetres away from those huge wheels thanks to a set of 7twenty Coilovers. The paintwork gleams in the sunlight and always draws attention wherever it goes. 

'I love the engine and the comfort of the drive' Tazz said. I couldn't agree more, and I don't even own it, or haven't sat in it either (yet, hint hint). But it just looks fast, it makes many wooshy noises and the seats looks like they will cuddle you to sleep. No wonder why not only Tazz, but people in general love the chaser, it does come as a complete package. But like all JDM cars, they need tweaking to become perfect for it's purpose. Tazz's version you see here, for him, it may very well be.

Special thanks to Tazz (@Tazz_JZX100) for letting us take a tour of his epic Chaser.

Visit their workshop:

Style Dynamics 

Unit 11

Bullsbrook road


UB4 0JZ 

Or Call :


Special Thanks to Bally Virdee (Instagram @Bally__) for the epic shots, never fails to amaze. Glorious shots! Here's some more! 

The fat XXR's, Loving the Red Nuts too

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