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Doing what you love.

I haven't written in a while ay, HELLO!

I thought this blog i'd write something a bit cool, it's about a buddy of mine I met through my apprenticeship, who has now gone on to open his own brand called Flux Fabrication.

FluxFab is the brainchild of a fella called Jack (That's the buddy I was talking about by the way). Jack, being a lover of cars waayyyyyy before we met, spent his free time tinkering and playing around with near enough anything mechanical. From working in a bicycle shop to his prized mini down to a pug 306 diesel (which was quick as shit, I tell ya!), Jack's knowledge was broad across the range. Now from when we met (room buddy YAY!) all I saw Jack do after class was sit on his laptop looking at anything car wise, then we got our hands on CAD software (by we I mean I got it too, but some prat bought a macbook so it didn't work.) After installation, Jack spent a fair amount of time perfecting the program before being able to create near enough anything he needed. Mix that up with a decent amount of welding skill, a vision of precise fabrication was starting to take place.

From there Jack began to create pieces using CAD ready to be made, whilst using his welding skills to create components such as custom exhaust systems, using stainless steel and the highest quality parts. Gradually as customers increased the FluxFab name was branching out, from Mazdas down to tuned volvos and subarus, the Flux Fab Lab have it all under control.

The impressive part that made me write this whole thing in the first place, is that Jack is still a young lad. Being in his early 20's it's a massive step when it comes to opening your own business, especially in the car industry where theres a tuning shop around every corner. So what convinced Jack to bite the bullet?

'There was a number of factors involved'

'After gaining my qualifications I felt the need to progress, and at that time I started my Volvo 240 build and as a result I met the go to guy for Volvo tuning ( Shemtek Automotive'

'I didn't want to stop working on cars as it was a passion more than just a job, so I started the business focusing on niche markets ad began developing products that are not available to the owners of the cars'

So as a owner of a new business which is rapidly expanding, what advice would you give to fabricators or even other people in the mod scene looking to burst onto their own path?

'My advice is to be passionate about what you choose to do, build on criticisms don't blank them out. Keep yourself busy even when work isn't there infront of you. When you have a quiet day spend that time thinking of ways to expand the business and keep yourself busy.'

For Jack, this is only the start, and that can be the case for any budding bodyshop owner in the making, or metal fab, or interior trim, or engine builder, whatever you are into, there is always room for major talent. This blog was intended to be a motivation kind of blog, so if you know what you wanna do, go out there and friggin' do it! Here's some pics of Jacks work, i'll post the link to his Facebook right huurrrrrrrrrr -

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