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Harmz MK3 Golf R32 "Gulabo"

Volkswagens. They're a bit of everything. Kind of cheap, kind of not. Kind of reliable, kind of not. Kind of fast, kind of not. One thing they were though, and still are, is easy to modify. All variants of dub have an extensive array of mods available, that even the most beginner of enthusiasts could probably fit. For the most part (or the older cars), they were easy to work on.

This is why for the 'new to the road but I've played need for speed since I was 15 so I kind of know how to drive' 17 year old, and old Dub was the way to go. VW didn't fail to deliver either. Polos, Lupos, Older gen Golfs. The solidarity and reliability and somewhat cheap insurance made it the go to brand for all the new drivers.

Harmz is no exception. A background with cars before he even got his licence, and a good love for the fast and the furious franchise, there was no doubt that at some point, he was going to cross the VW path. Luckily for him, he inherited his brother's 9N polo. It wasn't long before it was prowling the streets of west London on some BBS CH's and a set of coilovers adjusted to 'Slammed'. It also wasn't long before Harmz continued his passion further, by turning it into a qualification at college. It wasn't until his brother acquired a MK3 VR6 that Harmz knew, out of all the Volkwagens available, which one was his favourite.

The Mk3 bug hit Harmz 1st in the form of a 1.4 with a GTI bodykit, decked on Borbet A's. However this came to a swift end due an unfortunate accident, writing off his pride and joy. Bug number 2 came in the form of yet another 1.4 Mk3, but this is where things get a little.. wild.

Yep. Nearly 8 years on. That second little humble MK3 became Harmz's metal child. Starting out as a dark blue, near enough bog standard Golf, It has had an incredible transformation over the 8 years. Almost unrecognisable.

The mods initiated with the aid of a yet another MK3, this time a VR6 donor car. Harmz set about swapping the whole lot into his car, giving it the power it needs. It sure did work, for a whole 3 years, it was even sprayed purple! Harmz formed a love for MK3's and probably VWs in general, becoming a self proclaimed hoarder.

'I collect too many extra parts, just incase, you never know!' Years of hoarding means Harmz's residence is also home to 3 VR6 lumps (Yes. Three. They're getting rarer every day. This man has three. Bag them while you can!) Headliners and various other components. One Major part Harmz has in his possession that makes this particular car very special however, is the one thats currently in it.

Enter Phase 2 of this Golf. After 3 years of being VR6'd and Purple'd. Time for change had approached. Harmz picked up a clean R32 lump out of a mk5, and as this image dictates, this 3.2 power plant had a new home, which was now red!

'I wanted candy apple red' Said Harmz 'Saw the price and thought its too expensive so I searched for a while and thought hmm, lets check the bike paints out, and that's when I found the colour'

Even after putting in the R32 lump and spraying it "Random Bike Awesome Red" the process was far from complete. A huge 312mm front brake setup was added along with 1.8T rears. The deep burble of the engine is enhanced with a decat and a backbox, whilst the full grunt of its 275bhp is laid onto the floor via 17 inch RH ZW1 Alloys. Although this shade of red isn't what Harmz had set his eyes on at first, it certainly paid off as it glistens over the VR6 bumpers.

The interior of 'Gulabo' (that's her name!) has had many major changes, this being the fourth major change since ownership. We managed to grab some shots before Harmz changes his mind again! This interior setup consists of black leather colour concept seats, with door cards to match, all complimenting that incredible DC headliner. And a smurf.

Harmz's beloved Gulabo has seen many changes over the years. Three different engines, four different interiors, three exterior colours. One same happy owner. Could this possibly be Gulabo's final form? Has Harmz finally decided he has completed his 8 year long project?

No. What the hell, this is Harmz we're talking about.

"Next on the list is clean bay and a charger"

..See? Not only that, but being a man of many collectibles he has a pile of bits ready to install before show season. He is after a second 3.2 lump too, 'just incase'. To answer the question 'Is the car finished?' even further, Harmz has even been looking into the future.

"I've already thought of the MK7 golf R lump" Chuckled Harmz. This raises new questions for me. The VR6 swap consisted of purchases for a further three VR6 engines, the current R32 lump may have a twin soon if one is found. So if this MK3.7R was to take place, how many engines would be needed? Could there be a Gulabo-R?

After spending so many years with his pride and joy it is clear to me that Harmz has put his pure heart and soul into this car, besides all the hoarding jokes and constant changes. The workmanship and time that has been selflessly dedicated to take this humble 1.4 MK3 to a show contending, fire breathing, 275bhp rolling masterpiece is unbelievable.

Harmz would like to thank:

Style Dynamics (@StyleDynamics) for the work they have contributed to the car.

His Parents for 'Sticking by me, even though I caused a madness with this car'

And lastly 'All the lads... They know who they are for all the help and advise'

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