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The Civic Centre (Of Attention) - Kurts Civic Coupe

Wether you like it or not, old civics are cool. Yes they did breed a whole generation of "ricers" and fart cannon installing and VTEC-Bashing-Where-Is-3rd-Gear weirdos. However a nicely done civic is now rarer than ever to find, and when you do find one, its almost magical.

In the 90's the civics were at the peak of FWD fun handling hot hatches, the B Series engine would rev louder than an Only Fans video, and would last longer too. They were the stars of every kanjo experience, every Japanese mountain road run, and quite a few race tracks too, so regardless of most peoples opinions, Civic's are cool.

They were also stars of the modified era, tuned to take ridiculous power, speakers, and Lambo door hinges. You don't get this level of diversity as much in this day and age, so to find a car as cool as the Honda Civic, that's been done to a superior standard, blending both the new and the old school, is pretty damn rare.

So if you're into mining, we found you a gem.

This is Kurts Civic Coupe, a happy blend of modern day stancey boi and 90's modified goodness. Kurt himself being into cars as a kid, with his father being a mechanic and owning some classic Fords it was only a matter of time before the more expensive version of 'Like Father Like Son' kicked in and Kurt was building his own car.

After acquiring the Civic after swapping a polo for it (imagine he didn't, how would the polo have turned out???) The front end quickly got a makeover, as it got hit into! Fortunately for Kurt, this Honda wasn't the only one in his possession at the time, as he also owned an EG hatch he was building, looking at the images... You may have already guessed what car ended up giving its face to the hot coupe.

Already on coilovers when it was acquired, Kurt threw a set of 16" Work Meisters, a roof and boot spoiler, bride interior goodies, a rather unusual gear knob choice, and a lip kit. To add to the low factor, the coilovers were ditched in favour of a hydro setup, meeting the arch to lip requirements. To top it all off, being a vehicle painter by trade, he resprayed it purple (it used to be red!), and it is safe to say, purple really does pop off on this coupe.

But for Kurt, it wasn't enough. Every car needs some go, especially if it's going to look as good as this. The power plant of choice was the trusty B18C, out of a Civic Aerodeck. A tough and mighty motor indeed, but partner it up with a ported and polished head, double valve springs, skunk2 manifold, custom intake and a DC sports exhaust, all chipped and controlled via an ECU allowing a 9000rpm redline AND launch control, this Civic went from pokey and grunty, to straight up howling mad! There was only one thing missing now...

"Japanese Itasha styled cars always interested me to have a style like that"

As a final touch, the 'Medusa' graphic and stripe combo was laid as a tribute to the cars of Japans Itasha style, featuring a classic "No Good' Racing emblem.

The style this car portrays, with its modern day "clean" body and new age stance, and the subtle nod to the past that these Civics played such an important part in, has really been brought together in such a way that compliments both eras of automotive modification. Such a taste in modifications have allowed Kurt to be invited to the likes of "Violent Clique", an Invite only collective of car enthusiasts (Much like the Builders Assoc. we have here at TSK!)

Not all good things are meant to last however, as whilst you are reading this, the Civic has taken another route in life, and is no longer in Kurt's hands. It may seem sad and upsetting, as it is quite a build. Once a taste of a true build reaches a genuine car enthusiast, the urge to go bigger and better always seems to find a way through, so for our friend Kurt, his new R34 4 Door Skyline has some high expectations to live up to. Judging by the images you see here taken by our very own Simon Sugiura Goodier, Kurt doesn't disappoint.

Keep Building.

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