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London To Brighton 2015

It happened! London To Brighton Mini Run 2015 took place this year on the 17th may (which was sunny, so that helped) in Crystal Palace. It was awesome, to say the least, 2100 minis all together in one place, all setting off on an immense voyage to Brighton.

From the traditional classic Mini right up to brand new BMW Minis, there was a Mini to suit everyones taste. From originals to the wierd and wonderful, every scale of the mini that can be achieved showed thier face on this day.

Unfortunately we were only present for the beginning of the run at Crystal Palace, due to someones car not being ready on time (That would be mine, by the way). So all the images here are from there, yeah? Sorry.

It was an amazing day with almost 2000+ minis all in one area, here are some of the images we managed to catch out there

This blue Mini really caught our eye, everything just.. works.

Managed to get a pic of the BrokeBoys mini in there too.. just. (sorry!) (IG:@BrokeBoysUK)

The, err.. Self preservation society? These 3 were pretty minty fresh.

This orange clubby really caught our eye, the way it parked just screamed 'Take a pic, son!'

Peep the bronzey browny goldy awesomey one, much lows! And the black arches on the blue body work on the mini next to it makes it look fab, top work!

This little red beauty really did look the part.

And this ones colour was very well kept!, A lovely colour.

We really liked this orange one!

We have no idea who this guy is, but dammit, you're cool.

There were original ones, modded to f*ck ones, super crazy painted ones, racing ones, you name it, they were there. All sorts of witchcraft and wizardry had taken place in garages all across the UK to create such beasts. For them all to be in one place is truly staggering, being able to see the many different paths people have chosen to go with thier mini shows how many options there are, and that there really isn't a limit. That's what I personally find amazing about the mini. The fact that anything can be done to them, ANYTHING, and they will still be cool. The little retro wagon will live on for many generations to come.

Trust me, there were loads of them, if I had time to edit and upload every single one I could. Being a mini owner myself, its clear to see why everyone enjoys them. Very tunable, very customisable, and with original ones becoming very sought after, very collectable too. The mini has been around for over 50 years and still to this day manages to put a smile on everyones face. This was just a snippet of what was there, but to really soak in the atmosphere and the wonderful cars around, you really have to be there.

If you know any of the owners of any of the cars you see here, please let them know! We'll be happy to input any of the owners names!

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