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Players 9.0

Players, the holy grail of car shows (in my eyes, anyway.) I've always wanted my car to be in the hanger at players (Not this year though, someone became a lazy shit).

The thing about players is that its not only the top guns of the underground car world that attend the scene, its the newest breed of car modders too. There was everything from Liberty Walk M3's to little Saxos and Fiestas. Being able to see cars made by a group of freinds in the same hanger as a vehicle created by a firm of top modifying icons just shows that anyone can build, and build well, too.

It's always been a dream of mine to get my car in the hanger, as soon as I knew what players was I wanted to go there. I did finally go (no car though, obviously, due to someone becoming a lazy shit) acting like a kid whose just got a PS4 for christmas. Running round like a twat with my mouth open shouting "Look how low this one is!"

There was everything for everyone, classics, originals, high powered street machines, the honest little first car someone has spent a ton of thier student loan on. Everything was there, and it was a fantastic turnout and I even bought myself a 'HOONIGAN' Sticker (which I ruined, cheers windy nights!), I would honestly recommend anyone who hasn't been, GO! You'll love it, and if you don't.. Well.. Sorry I guess.

Heres some of the shots we took. By we I mean me on my other halfs phone (Thank you!) and my new camera man! (He's a freind really but has iphone6 so I kind of use him now but I made him a logo so I think he's okay with it) ha! Take a look!

Follow our Instagrams: @TSK_world | Kaz (the Camera Freind Man!) @KsinghBx <He has the better photos..

The start of the day!

Now this one below is one heck of an M3, Flawless looking and a really, really awesome colour.

Speaking of M3's, Orange anyone? The racing make up on this one really shows what ends of the scale you can take an E30 to, and THOSE WHEELS.

This golf has been through many changes over the years, this colour is probably one of my favourites.


Escorts, Man.

Old Mercs honestly make my heart flutter, I WANT ONE.

This is a proper beaut, I was so close to this one I almost licked it.

There are loads more photos, I might just make a blog with all of them one after the other! But again, if you have never been, trust me, go. They sold sweet bags 6 for a fiver, proper worth it.

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