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TreffPunkt London Meet

Every month (not long ago) at a car park in bluewater a gathering of freinds, family, and newcomers will all come together for an exchange in conversation, photoshoots, and the odd burnout. So, just like a normal car meet then? Kind of. The wonderful thing about TreffPunkt is that, yes it is a car meet, but with money being raised for cancer research, everyone is doing their bit too, and its great! A vastly German meet with a few others popping by to say hello.

Many great builds came to the mini meet, which I would personally say watch out for, as this is gonna get bigger and better very quickly! Lots of old school BMWs and Mercs stole the show, great custom build and subtly modified vehicles also attended.

All in all it was a great meet, great people and a good laugh, all for a good cause, follow TeffPunkt London on Instagram for more updates, and hopefully we will see you next meet!

Here are some photos from the most recent one, with all the pics taken by camera man Kaz

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This Merc below is awesome, just awesome.

One of the many E30's that were there. This was class.

And another, much shine. Many wow.

"I am your father", Nice wheels, father.

Yes, there are more pictures, and yes, they will be released slowly as time goes on (when im bored, i'll edit them so it's cool guys don't freak!)

Not sure when the next Treffpunkt meet is but be sure to be there!

Make sure you guys keep checking up on us as we have cool stuff heading your way!

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