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Midweek Icon - Honda Civic Type R

Two reactions have just occured.

1. Ooooh Honda Type R! VTEC!

2. Honda? Ha! What a load of Sh-

Now now. Let's not get ahead of oursleves, because what we have here is arguably one of the best hot hatches to grace the planet. Honestly!

In 1997 the little Civic got a right kick up the arse with the new Type R version, designed to be the hot, fast, agile version of the standard road going Civic. In '97 it featured the greatly loved B16 engine thumping out a whopping 182bhp, through a limited slip differential. It proved to be quite the trick, with the little EK storming around circuits all across japan. The Type R shared various parts from it's bigger brother, the DC2 integra type R (My fav!) It also came with traditional Type R interior trim, such as red bucket seats and carpet, and Type R mats too.

A year later the Type R motor sports edition was released, with no radio, no power steering, windows, and the standard Type R interior (and steel wheels!). On the other hand the Type Rx had a CD player, electric EVERYTHING (Okay.. not everything, but.. like... quite a few things) and folding mirrors (I'd have that one..)

Forward on to 2001, and the launch of the EP3, which was assembled in the UK! The EP3 (The more popular one, I'd say) contained the K20 engine punching out around 200bhp. This model ran from 2001-2006, with various options and limited editions available. The EP3 also got a Facelift in 2004, with a revised steering setup, lighter clutch assembly and HID headlights with electronic adjustment. The handling was more profound and was a proven contender in the hot hatch market, winning various awards for Best Hot Hatch.

Come 2006, and its the launch of the new FD2/FN2 civic. The FD2 civic, being a japan only model, with an upgraded K20 and 222Bhp, proved much more powerful than the european equivalent, the FN2 civic. The FN2 contained a mere 198bhp instead. The Japan Spec civic was designed to be an improvement over the japan only DC5 integra. The FD2 civic was indeed a faster car, with figures showing around a four seconds time gap between the FD2 and the DC5 along the tsukuba circuit.

Now! Today with the newest of the bunch, the FK2 civic, with 310PS and a 2.0L K20 Turbo'd engine, is a new breed, for many reasons. With new emission laws in place the new Civic has some rules to stand by. Be sure of one thing though, this thing is quick. Seriously quick. With a price tag of nearly 30 grand though, testing how quick it is is entirely up to you, should you want to pay the damage if you hit it!

With so many variations of TypeR Civic the used car world is full of them, with EP3's starting at around the £3000 mark. Unfortunately if you're looking for an older EK, an original will set you back more (Classics and all that)

Aftermarket parts of these cars are widely available too, with everything from bonnets to bushes, the mod market has something fancy for every one of these civics.

All in all this was, is, and most likely will be one heck of a car, with amazing handling characteristics and an awesome noise (honda haters still have to admit they sound good without the nasty fart cans).


EK Civic Type R, The OG of the Civic Game. Gangsta.

The Interior of an EK Civic. Tidy! (From

Thanks to FastCar.Co.Uk we can now see what an EP3 Civic Type R looks like!

FD2, the Japan only version (and Malaysia at one point)

...aaannnddd the spaceship.. I mean. FN2 Civic everyone!

And to the current model. Lord Almighty. Just look how evil it is.

We'll have more next week but until then, BYEEEEEEEE.


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