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Hi. Yeah. This is a new thing I'm going to to try and do called midweek icons. I pick a car which I feel was cool and made an impact, and talk a little bit about it. Most of it is opinion, some are facts (it should be the other way round) but it's mostly just a fun read about some of the cars that made the automotive industry what it is today. Oh also, all the pictures are off google because:

1. Half of these cars I'll rarely find and be able to take decent pictures off. (My phone's shit and fancy cameras seem to have a fancy price tag, too. I'll get one soon!)

2.The only other option is to buy whatever I want to write about.. and then take pictures.. Yeah.. Im broke? Google it is then.

So! Straight to it then. 1998. I was still a child. Didn't reaaalllyy know what was going on around me. All I knew is that when I needed to poop, I'd do it. Regardless. 1998, however, was also the year German giant BMW launched the 3rd gen M5, the E39. My personal favourite (Opinions are coming in slowly now!). This shape brings the M5 into a curvier era, with a new rounded body style and newer BMW grills. At the time a near £60,000 price tag may seem a bit steep for what is essentially a 5 series, but with a massive 4.9l V8 lump and a near 400bhp thump, it was the fast family man's dream machine. Being a top spec car, it wasn't just all power. Luxurious interiors and classy options were all part of the list, and in 2001, the updated version now had the legendary 'angel eyes'.. and satnav.. and parking sensors..

All that supercar power needs to be tamed too, for a hefty 5 series it had profound handling capabilities for such a car. Sure enough, once you've dropped the kids off to school, you'll get home pretty damn quick. The steering geometry and handling charecteristics were all developed to ensure the monster under the bonnet can be used to its full potential.

In todays lifestyle the E39 still makes an impact wherever it goes. Even next to the newer, more powerful M5's it's presence is still greatly admired amongst fans and enthusiasts. In this day and age, a standard E39 M5 still looks so contemporary, even for a car that's over 15 years old! On the stance scene, even the standard 5 series vehicles match up with the newer cars with a few mods. With a whole heap of aftermarket parts and mods available to both the standard and the M5, there are an infinite amount of ways to go.

All in all, this M5 was a weapon, and still is. Luxurious 5 series when you want it to be and when you put your foot down, it's a supercar shamer. Just make sure if you buy one, you can run it. 5.0L V8 and todays fuel prices don't seem to want to help us out but if you can afford it, that rumble in the morning is probably worth it!.

Picture time, enjoy!

This one - Off, is a slightly modified/Darth Vader type one. Either way, look at it!

The heart of the beast - 4.9L (or 5.0, depends how anal you are)

Here's a lovely standard one for you, still such an awesome thing to look at!

Luxury, anyone? Beige leather? Or is it cream? No idea, anyway, here's what 60 grand got you in the early 2000's. Very nice.

I'll try and do this every week, if you like it let us know! Haven't got any clue what next weeks icon might be, if you have a suggestion then hit us up!


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